Manufactured Fibers

Manufactured fibers are man-made (synthetic) fibers produced by combining many chemicals and substances.

Polyester is a strong fiber made from coal and petroleum. This material is wrinkle, shrink, and stretch resistant which makes it easy to care for. One down fall is that it generates a lot of static so I would not touch people while wearing it. ZAP!

Rayon is a soft, absorbent, and comfortable material that is very inexpensive. But do not get it wet because it stretches and mildews when wet. Jacket linings, sport coats, and other jackets are all examples of rayon products.

Nylon was the very first material produced solely from chemicals. Its strong, durable, and elastic texture makes it a widely used fiber. Nylon is often used in raincoats because if repels water and dries quickly. Hosiery, swimwear, and windbreakers are all examples of nylon products.

Acetate is a very versatile material that is inexpensive and easy to dye. Its soft, luxurious feel makes it a top material to make blouses, linings, neckties, and lingerie. Although it is a nice fiber, special care is necessary in cleaning.

Acrylic is a bulky but lightweight fiber that closely resembles wool because it is soft and warm. Bathrobes, knitted garments, and outdoor furniture are made with acrylic material because it is strong and dries quickly.

Spandex is known for its ability to stretch and its conforming shape. Its resistance to perspiration, and other lotions and oils make it a widely used fabric in sports wear. Chlorine bleach will damage it so keep cleaning supplies away. It is durable and absorbent.

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