SkyLab  Mission

By: Rikhil, Tyler & Lucas

What   Is   SkyLab?

SkyLab was the first space station launched by the United States

Mission Costed $2.2 Billion!

Orbited 146 Miles Above Earths Surface

SkyLab Traveled At 4.828 Miles/Second

Special Equipment Was Made To Handle The Microgravity

Microgravity Is A Word For Gravity In Space.


Telescope (Apollo)


Solar Panels & Solar Observatory (Includes Earth)

Microgravity Lab

Medical Lab

The    Launch?

Launched In 1973

Kennedy Space Center

Multiple SkyLabs!

-SkyLab 1 Launched: 5-14-73

-SkyLab 2 Launched: 5-25-73

-SkyLab 3 Launched: 7-28-73

-SkyLab 4 Launched: 11-16-73

Video: Launch Video

Problems And  Difficulties During   Launch

The Meteor Shields Broke Off

1 Solar Panel Got Torn Off

They Were Able To Repair The Problems

Then Power Was Restored Throughout The Ship

People      In     The      Labs

Three People:

Edward G. Gibson

Gerald P. Carr

William R. Pogue

These Astronauts Guided SkyLab Into Space

The  Crash

The Skylab was meant to go up but not down. After 33 years of being in space Skylab fell to earth in a big explosion. While large chunks did go into the ocean, parts of the space station also fell onto land such as the Australian Desert. The Debris field that spanned about 7,400 kilometers across the Indian Ocean. All three men died in the crash, later on NASA created the International Space Station as a new Skylab that can go up AND down!

Australian Man Finds Piece of SkyLab



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