Principals' Toolkit

Welcome to another edition of your Skyward Connection, the Principal's Toolkit. The information below will help you with Kindergarten Roundup as well as answers your questions about CCISD's New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE).  NSOE will launch with the start of Kindergarten Round-up. While technically the round-up does not occur until the week of May 4, 2015, we will OPEN the online enrollment system to parents on APRIL 24, 2015. Click on the button below to see how parents will be worked through the process.

A solid plan is being executed to support online registration from training to tech centers in the lobby and beyond. Click below to read more!

While they can do the majority of the registration process online, there will still be a need for parents to come to your campus and provide documentation. We are promoting that to occur during Kindergarten Roundup but if they come outside of that time, we must take their documentation. Your data specialists have been trained on how to locate the pending online application in Skyward. It is important to note, that only CCISD designated staff can import into the student information system. Everything the parent enters is subject for verification and processing.

Internal Flowchart

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a district standardized Kindergarten Roundup procedure?

A: Each campus follows their current process for verification of residency and guardianship for each new student. With Skyward, we now have an online enrollment application feature for parents.

Q: Do we enroll students without these required documents at the time of enrollment?

A: Birth certificate – Yes, the parent/guardian is given 30 days from the date of enrollment to produce either a birth certificate, or some other proof of birth.

Proof of residency - Yes, the parent/guardian is given 30 days from the date of enrollment to prove residency

Social Security card – Although we can ask for a social security card, we cannot deny enrollment if one is not produced at any time.

Immunization records – Student transferring in from another school in the state of Texas can be admitted to school immediately and be given 30 days to produce immunization records. Student outside of Texas must show immunization records immediately or proof that they have started the vaccination process before being admitted to school. Homeless students with no records should be enrolled and sent to the Homeless Liaison immediately so that they can start the immunization process as soon as possible.

Q: Do step parents have educational access?

A:  Stepparents who reside with the parent who has the student the majority of the school week, can have access to student records, and can speak with teachers and staff. They are not allowed to make decisions, write excuses, etc. Stepparents who are married to the parents of student who have weekend visitation cannot have information about the student.

Q: When a divorced parent enrolls a student and lists the step-parent as a mother/father, how do we let them know that they cannot be listed as a parent?

A: Unless a stepparent has been granted guardianship by a court, a stepparent cannot make educational decisions. Enrolling/withdrawing a student is an educational decision. The stepparent cannot be named as a guardian in the system.

Q: What happens when someone enrolls a student that they do not have custody or guardianship for?

A: They are given 30 days from the date of enrollment to produce either a birth certificate, or some other proof of birth and/or legal guardianship paper.

Q: How do we handle students that enroll themselves but they live with a grandparent, relative, friend?

A: The same process as you use now for Unaccompanied Youth would apply for NSOE.

Q: How will we handle students that have a 50/50 split between divorced parents?

A: Students may have multiple Families in the system. Family 1 is considered the primary guardian and the family the student lives with.

Q: How are parents who do not have email addresses enrolling their child via NSOE?

A: They can visit the campus and use a computer or you can provide them a paper copy.

Q: Will the system check for Zoning when the address is entered? What if the parent selects the wrong campus for the address they enter?

A: NSOE is not setup to look at the zoned school. There is an option to re-assign an NSOE application to the correct campus.

Q: What will happen to an application that is being denied because the parent selected the wrong campus? Will the campus that the parent selected be able to re-assign that application to the right campus?

A: 1) The Deny Application button is only to be used when the student does not live within CCISD boundaries with an approved Student Transfer Request on file. 2) Wrong zoned campus first contacts the parent, then contacts right zoned campus, and then assigns the application to that campus.

Q: Is there a Spanish version of NSOE? The majority of our parents speak a language other than English.

A: Google translate is a feature available for parents in NSOE.

Q: Our campus (CVHS, CHECHS and Early Childhood) is different from a regular campus because a student has to apply to our campus. How will this online registration process affect the application process?

A: These campuses will continue their current application processes; however, new students to the district, will need to enroll via NSOE. More info to come.

Q: Will we make copies of all the parent’s documents?

A: Yes, please continue to make copies of birth certificate, etc. to file in student’s cumulative folder.

Q: Is Free/Reduced information included in the NSOE?

A: We provided a link to Child Nutrition Services web page in section 4 of NSOE.

Q: As the Data Specialist, I enroll, but so do our registrars. Will they have any input to the NSOE process and will they receive the same training that I receive regarding online enrollment?

A: Persons with enrollment duty may sign up for the NSOE training session via Eduphoria.

Q: How can we print submitted enrollment forms?

A:  This is a work in progress to consolidate reports. Current process as follows…Admission Form: Use “Quick Print” button on “Process Application” screen.District Custom Forms: From Home screen go to… Students→Custom Forms→Lookup→Highlight student→Click Print Details→Select form(S).

Q: Is there a way to track who has not provided required documents (birth certificate, etc.)?

A: Yes, maintaining obligations will allow you to email parents with any outstanding required documents.

Additional Questions?