Swiss Super League - Round 19

A lot of snow in the east, none in the west.

Games & Results

BSC Young Boys - FC Luzern 3:2 (2:0)

Ex-St. Gallen star Moreno Costanzo scored two goals for YB within 10 minutes, which cost Lucerne the game. After 49 minutes YB's Alain Nef got sent off, thus YB were one man down for 40 minutes. Lucerne managed to make it even (Otele and Wiss) but Nuzzolo scored YB's winner in extra-time.

Servette FC - GC Zürich 0:1 (0:0)

First against last - easy on paper, not so much on the pitch. As I've told you, Servette are not as weak as they seem. Pretty tame game. Youngster Mergim Brahimi managed to score after 77 minutes and temporarily extended the lead to 7 points.

FC St. Gallen - FC Thun

Snowy, snowy St. Gallen. As much of a beauty the winter wonderland is, it's shit when you want to see football. No game for us! Pitch was frozen, ref decided it was too dangerous for the players.

FC Zürich - Lausanne-Sport 2:0 (1:0)

Zürich need to build momentum. They got a new coach (because the last one was shite) and had a lot of time to get to know him and his style. Unfortunately their playmaker, Blerim Kukeli, is out for the rest of the season because he broke his leg in a friendly against Bellinzona.

After 5 minutes Chermiti scored for Zürich and showed he really wants to play, eventhough Zürich have four top quality strikers. Lausanne didn't do much for the game and Zürich were clearly stronger. After 92 minutes youngster Drmic was on the end of a brilliant pass by youngerster (even younger youngster) Brunner and scored again for Zürich.

FC Basel - FC Sion 3:0 (1:0)

Second vs. Fourth seemed to be interesting. Basel decided to show some muscle and just brushed Sion aside. Streller scored just before HT off a beautiful pass by Serey Dié, who joined them last month from - wait for it - Sion. Murat Yakin brought Muhamed Salah at HT, who made a fool of Sion's defence shortly after only to make it 2:0. After 60 minutes Streller combined a cross and a long-pass to Stocker, who seemed to be offside but wasn't, to lob the ball over Vanins - 3:0.

Gattuso got his obligatory yellow card and provoked all men in red-and-blue.



Top Scorers

  • 1. Streller, FC Basel, 10 Goals
  • 2. Léo Itaperuna, FC Sion, 7 Goals
  • 2. Oscar Scarione, FCSG, 7 Goals

Top Assists

(all 5 assists)

  • Nassim Ben Khalifa, GCZ
  • Izet Hajrovic, GCZ
  • Oscar Scarione, FCSG
  • Valentin Stocker, FC Basel

tbh, I don't think the lists above were updated. we'll see in a week ;)

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