Swiss Super League - Round 20

Injuries and other boo-boos.

Games & Results

GC Zürich - BSC Young Boys 2:0 (1:0)

GC is without captain and team leader Vero Salatic for two months. GC's New kid Anatole Ngamukol scored two against YB while YB-greenhorn Alexander Gerndt missed a penalty.

Lausanne-Sport - FC Basel 1:2 (0:2)

Valentin Stocker, who scored mid-week in the Europe League against Dnipro Dniproztzczkczrkcovsk (or something along the lines) opened the score again against Lausanne-Sport while Marcelo Diaz doubled just before half-time. Lausanne turned up in the second half but Malongas goal wasn't enough to get back in the game. Basel's captain Marco Streller injured himself after 70 minutes without anyone near him and he'll be out for a few weeks. Therefore, Basel's three striker (Streller, Frei and Bobadilla) are all out.

FC Luzern - FC Zürich 1:1 (1:0)

Lucerne and Zurich are both disappointing this season. After only two minutes Alain Wiss third of the season. 70 minutes Luzern keeper fouled Jahovic in the box and was sent off (and got a concussion - will be out for quite some time). Captain Béda scored the penalty to make it even.

FC Thun - Servette FC 1:1 (0:1)

Last Servette against next to last Thun - battle against relegation. That suggests a boring game, and that's what it was. After 40 minutes Thun's Luca Zuffi went down in the box but the ref didn't give anything. Instead, Servette's Kouassi took the ball and tried a shot from 25m. Keeper Faivre couldn't clear enough and Tréand scored from the rebound. After 80 minutes Renato Steffen took his chance from 20 meters as well to make it even.

FC Sion - FC St. Gallen 1:0 (0:0)


Tourbillon - 9,500 spectators - Ref Bieri
FC Sion: Vanins; Sauthier, Adailton, Lacroix (80' Vanczak), Bühler; Basha, Gattuso (77' Darragi), Fernandes; Léo Itaperuna, Lafferty (46' Crettenand), Ndjeng.

FC St. Gallen: Lopar; Mutsch, Montandon, Besle, Pa Modou; Mathys (69' Etoundi), Nater, Janjatovic (86' Nushi), Sutter (65' Lenjani); Scarione; Ishak.

Bookings: 37' Lafferty (Foul), 58' Fernandes (Foul), 61' Besle (Foul), 88' Basha (Complaining)

Notes: Sion without Dingsdag (suspended), Margairaz (injured) and Aislan (absent). St Gallen without Herzog, Lehmann, Cavusevic (all injured) and Kovacevic (not yet registered).

FCSG Bench: Kovacic (GK), Stocklasa, Nushi, Etoundi, Schönenberger, Lenjani, Tadic.


"Da regt mi uf!", said Jeff Saibene at the press conference to the journalists. He doesn't want to hear anymore about FCSG playing well but being unlucky. "These are the most obliged opponents. I don't want to have that stamp (Can you say that?). We need to stop this now." Shortly before, Sion's manager Munoz explained in his charming French with Spanish accent how difficult the game was for his team. FCSG were very well organised and in the first half clearly the better team. Nothing to disagree there. Both teams top quality keepers and showed brilliant games. Vanin's first glimpse of class was after 20 minutes when he just cleared Mathys shot. Lopar on the other side was without a chance on the only goal of the game - not even beaten by a Sion-player but by his own captain. Philippe Montandon tried to clear but failed. Instead of clearing the ball, he put it into his own net.
Therefore Saibene was pretty angry after the game - they played well but didn't get any from it. There's not much to criticise except for not scoring goals. The boys in green controled the game and had more of the game than Sion. Commitment and spirit were right and also the chemistry was good on the team who are waiting on a goal for an eternity. This goal could be score by a new player: Swede Ishak. Saibene let him play full 90 minutes so he could get some practise. Ishak's debut wasn't bad, the connection with the team was there, "but he can do even more", so Saibene. He's still 19 years old, he reminds.
The next chance to score is provided next Sunday when FCSG meet Lucerne with Ex-SG-players Muntwiler and Winter. And eventually we will score.



Top Scorers

  • 1. Streller, FC Basel, 11 Goals
  • 2. Anatole Ngamukol, GCZ, 8 Goals
  • 3. Léo Itaperuna, FC Sion, 7 Goals
  • 3. Oscar Scarione, FCSG, 7 Goals

Top Assists

  • 1. Valentin Stocker, FC Basel, 7 Assists
  • 2. Izet Hajrovic, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 3. Nassim Ben Khalifa, GCZ, 5 Assists
  • 3. Oscar Scarione, FCSG, 5 Assists
  • 3. Marco Streller, FCB, 5 Assists