Swiss Super League - Round 21

Green-White Relief after 119 days

Games & Results

Servette FC - Lausanne-Sport 1:0 (0:0)

The Léman-Derby. Servette fought hard and scored the winning goal after 83 minutes. Are now only 4 points behind the non-relegation place. Lausanne beat themselves as they played very defensively.

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FC Zürich - Young Boys 4:0 (1:0)

Young Boys new formed centre defence (Affolter returned from Bremen) doesn't work. They were at fault for all 4 goals from Zürich. Zürich's attack is finding form and becoming a bit scary.

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FC Thun - FC Sion 4:0 (3:0)

Self-proclaimed title candidate Sion were 2:0 behind after only 10 minutes. Played terrible and allowed Thun as much space as they'd like. Club president Christian Constantin (in Switzerland only called CC) took place on the bench for the second half. Manager Victor Muñoz probably not going to stick around for long.

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FC Basel - GC Zürich 0:0

First vs. Second. Both teams went on the pitch to win it, GC are probably a bit happier with the sharing. Both teams had their chances but the draw is not undeserved.

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FC St. Gallen - FC Luzern 4:0 (2:0)


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AFG Arena - 11,156 spectators (with -5° C!) - Ref Studer

FC St. Gallen: Lopar; Mutsch, Montandon, Besle, Pa Modou; Mathys (73' Nushi), Nater, Janjatovic, Scarione (85' Sutter); Etoundi (79' Tadic), Ishak.

FC Luzern: Jehle; Thiesson, Sarr, Puljic, Lustenberger; Andrist (69' Siegrist), Wiss, Muntwiler, Hyka (75' Kryeziu); Kasami; Mouangue (46' Winter).

Goals: 1:0 Scarione (Pen., 23'), 2:0 Ishak (27'), 3:0 Scarione (65'), 4:0 Scarione (Pen., 72').

Bookings: 70' Muntwiler (Foul), 71' Lustenberger (Foul), 76' Besle (Fould, missing next game).

Notes: Kovacic (GK), Stocklasa, Nushi, Sutter, SChönenberger, Lenjani and Tadic on the bench for SG but without Herzog, Lehmann, Cavusevic (injured), Ivic, Martic, Hämmerli, Kovacevic and Abegglen (not called up). Luzern without Zibung (GK, suspended and injured), Renggli, Rangelov (ill), Lezcano, Hochstrasser, Sorgic, Bento and Wüthrich (GK, injured). - 22' red card for Sarr after fouling Etoundi as the last man.


Jeff decided he had to change something. SG hadn't won for 119 days and had yet to score in 2013. Therefore he decided to change the system for the first time this season. He moved Scarione from his second striker role to the right wing and played with two striker: Etoundi and Swede Ishak.

St. Gallen dominated right from kick-off. Fullham-loanee Kasami and Liechtensteiner international Goalkeeper Jehle started their first game for Lucerne. Etoundi made some quick runs behind the Lucerne defense which were quite dangerous. So was the run after 23 minutes - he won the ball from Sarr, who had nothing better to do than to take Etoundi down in the box and as the last man. 70 minutes with 10 men away - not an easy task. Scarione, who has already missed about 5 penalties this season, converted this one brilliantly in the right top corner.

Before the fans even realised the game had started again, Ishak was there to convert a low cross from Oscar Ezequiel Scarione to make it 2:0. Brilliant, brilliant start. After that, St. Gallen didn't lean back and enjoy the lovely cold weather, but played lovely attacking football. The pitch was in an atrocious (new word, hah!) state and tiki-taka football was impossible - this resulted in many misplaced passes, especially by Mathys and Janjatovic.

In the second half St. Gallen scored from the counter. Etoundi could benefit from his raw pace and passed it to Scarione who exposed Jehle by playing it through his legs. Scarione, Man of the Match, scored another penalty after 73 minutes in the same fashion as the first one. Jehle knew where it was going to but it was shot too perfectly. Without a chance.

All in all we could say we've found Regazzoni's replacement on the right wing. Scarione scored a hattrick and had a brilliant game. I was a bit scared he'd cut inside too often, but he sticked to the wing very well and it worked.



Top Scorers

  • 1. Streller, FC Basel, 11 Goals
  • 2. Oscar Scarione, FC St. Gallen, 10 Goals
  • 3. Anatole Ngamukol, GC Zürich, 8 Goals

Top Assists

  • 1. Valentin Stocker, FC Basel, 7 Assists
  • 2. Izet Hajrovic, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 3. Nassim Ben Khalifa, GCZ, 5 Assists
  • 3. Oscar Scarione, GCZ, 5 Assists
  • 3. Marco Streller, FCB, 5 Assists