Swiss Super League - Round 22

All about a gesture.

Games & Results

FC Luzern - FC Thun 0:0 (0:0)

Lucerne, who lost 4:0 last week, against Thun, who won 4:0 last week. Both are playing against relegation but this battle was boring. Lucerne didn't try anything but not to lose again.

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FC Zürich - FC Sion 3:1 (2:0)

Zürich are becoming stronger again. From 9th to 6th within 3 games - they are in form. Sion, with neo player-manager Gattuso (who subbed himself after 80 minutes) are looking for their form.

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Servette FC - FC Basel 1:2 (1:1)

Basel against the last should be an easy game. After scoring his first two goals of the season, defender Aleksander Dragovic gets sent off with a second yellow. See the gesture above - it was directed at the assistant coach (for a lost bet) but the ref decided it was directed at Servette's fans and therefore sent him off.

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FC Lausanne-Sport - GC Zürich 0:0 (0:0)

Have you ever played with your friends on a Sunday afternoon at a park, perhaps a bit hungover? Yeah, that's what Hajrovic & Co. did this Sunday at Lausanne. No action, no goals.

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Young Boys - FC St. Gallen 2:0 (0:0)


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Wankdorf - 15,192 spectators - Ref Jacottet

BSC YB: Wölfli; Sutter, Nef, Bürki, Raimondi; Schneuwly (71' Gonzalez), Dubaï, Costanzo, Nuzzolo; Afum (69' Gerndt), Frey (79' Tabakovic).

FC St. Gallen: Lopar; Mutsch, Montandon, Stocklasa, Pa Modou; Mathys, Nater, Janjatovic (64' Nushi), Scarione; Ishak (66' Tadic), Etoundi.

Goals: 1:0 Frey (55'), 2:0 Nuzzolo (78')

Bookings: 25' Doubaï (Foul), 67' Mutsch (Foul), 77' Gerndt (Foul)

Notes: YB without Zverotic (suspended), Spycher, Affolter, Simpson, Zarate, Benito (all injured), Farnerud (ill), Martinez and Sessolo (not called up). St. Gallen with Kovacic (GK), Ivic, Nushi, Sutter, Schönenberger, Martic, Lenjani and Tadic on the bench, without Besle (suspended), Herzog, Lehmann, Cavusevic (all injured), Sutter, Hämmerli, Kovacevic (not called up) and Wüthrich (not yet eligible). - 44' Saibene sent off by Ref Jacottet


The Espen lose in front of a 15,192-crowd 2:0 to YB. With that result, YB come closer in the fight for a Europe League spot.

As a few weeks before in Sion, St. Gallen played well but went home without anything countable. Saibene was harsh on the players at the press conference, talked about playing without guts, without will, which YB had on that day. YB wanted to win more, and that's disappointing for Saibene. The players were going to notice that in the coming weeks.

Monday was supposed to be a day off for the team, he changed these plans to two training sessions.  Not only tomorrow, but for the remainder of the week. All players should become aware that these performances are not enough.

The team didn't look that bad from the stands, though. Perhaps only because YB wasn't that great either, but had more will to win which made the difference - once again.

YB went ahead 10 minutes into the second half. YB was more likely to get behind up to that point. The goal from Frey must've felt like salvation - and it was a nice goal. Schneuwly crossed in a beautiful fashion and Frey scored with a diving header. Even more beautiful was Nuzzolo's 2:0; he lobbed the ball over Pa Modou and then volleyed into the net from 16 meters. Lopar and Pa Modou were left flabbergasted.

FCSG had many, many chances to get ahead themselves. After only seven minutes Ishak couldn't get to a good pass by Etoundi. Five minutes later, Mathys missed only by a few inches after a fine run.  After 35 minutes Scarione had to score but also didn't. Saibene said, not all of these could be explained by bad luck. It isn't a coincidence that these ball don't land in the net but a few inches next to goal.



Top Scorers

  • 1. Streller, FC Basel, 11 Goals
  • 2. Oscar Scarione, FC St. Gallen, 10 Goals
  • 3. Anatole Ngamukol, GC Zürich, 8 Goals

Top Assists

  • 1. Valentin Stocker, FC Basel, 8 Assists
  • 2. Izet Hajrovic, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 3. Nassim Ben Khalifa, GCZ, 5 Assists
  • 3. Oscar Scarione, GCZ, 5 Assists
  • 3. Marco Streller, FCB, 5 Assists
  • 3. Christian Schneuwly, YB, 5 Assists