Swiss Super League - Round 23

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FC Luzern - Servette FC 1:1 (1:1)

Thought about going to the game as I was in Lucerne yesterday, but the ticket prices in the swissporarena are too damn high. After 26 minutes former SG-winger Winter passed to former SG-yellow-card-collector Muntwiler who scored (and was also booked later on). Three minutes later Karanovic scored of a beautiful Rüefli cross. Lucerne had a roughly estimated 3675298357245398 chances in the second half but were not able to score one. Servette are still 5 points behind Lucerne.

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FC Sion - FC Lausanne-Sport 0:1 (0:1)

Regazzoni got his first start for Sion but was substituted for the second half. Gattuso started himself on the bench and didn't sub himself on. Malonga scored his and Lausanne's second goal in 2013. Sion tried a lot but didn't manage to produce.

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FC Thun - FC Zürich 0:4 (0:1)

If you've got 1:42 minutes of spare times at hand, you should watch this. A marten invaded the pitch, was caught by Benito, bit him, got away, was caught by keeper Da Costa. It tried to bite him as well, but he's wearing thick gloves. Good for him! Zürich had no problems to overcome Thun and won 0:4. The 0:2 was a beautiful shot from the distance by Buff.

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FC Basel - Young Boys 3:0 (1:0)

There was a lot of hype around Alex Frei. He wasn't played even when all other strikers were out. He then got his chance in the Swiss cup and scored a brace. Today he played on the right wing, which he loathes, and scored form a beautiful freekick. YB were yet again quite an easy opponent away (deosn't look like this in the report but I watched the game on the telly) especially in the second half. Oh, Beni Turnheer (worst pundit ever) just said it's the 10th game in a row Basel haven't conceided at home!

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GC Zürich - FC St. Gallen 3:1 (1:1)


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Letzigrund - 8,900 spectators - Ref Pache

GCZ: Bürki; Lang, Vilotic, Grichting, Pavlovic; Salatic, Feltscher (88' Brahimi); Abrashi, Toko (73' Ben Khalifa), Zuber; Ngamukol (86' Gashi).

FC St. Gallen: Lopar; Mutsch, Montandon, Besle, Pa Modou; Mathys (73' Wüthrich), Nater, Janjatovic, Nushi (73' Ishak); Scarione; Etoundi.

Goals: 1:0 Ngamukol (2'), 1:1 Nushi (26'), 2:1 Salatic (56'), 3:1 Gashi (92')

Bookings: 20' Besle (Foul), 46' Montandon (Foul), 69' Montandon (Foul), 79' Janjatovic (Foul), 88' Besle (Foul).

Notes: GC without Hajrovic, Xhaka (both suspended), Rocha und Hossmann (not called up). St. Gallen with Herzog (GK), Stocklasa, Schönenberger, Ishak, Martic, Wüthrich and Lenjani on the bench, without Cavusevic, Lehmann (both injured - NOPE!, Lehmann played a friendly midweek. he's not injured.), Kovacic, Ivic, Sutter, Hämmerli, Tadic, Kovacevic (all not called up).


I just don't understand Saibene sometimes. With the newly found 4-4-2 we beat Lucerne's arse with 4:0 with a Scarione-hattrick on the left and lost 0:2 against YB. It was clear as crystal the issues are not in the defence, but our attack. Nevertheless Saibene decided to change back to our 4-4-1-1 with Scarione behind Etoundi. Instead of playing Sutter on the left, who is always a trouble spot for opponents, or our new signing Wüthrich, who is a former Switzerland U21 international, he played Kristian F. Nushi, where F. stands for fucking.

GCZ on the other hand were missing winger Hajrovic but had Captain Salatic at their disposal once again. Feltscher was the one who played a brilliant through pass to Anatole «the rocket» Ngamukol who literally sped away from the defenders and finished smoothly. No chance for Lopar. Believe it or not, we were 1:0 behind after 89 seconds. That's not how we're going to play European football next season. GC dominated the game from then on, with St. Gallen still waking up. After 20 minutes St. Gallen finally showed up. They started having more possession and forcing GC into their own half. After 26 minutes Mathys crossed into the box but that cross was cleared by defence-boss Grichting. The clearance was not good enough and was more of an unlucky extension to Nushi who - yes, that actually happened - scored to draw even! It's his first goal in over two years and Bürki's first time since November he had to get the ball out of the net. St. Gallen played well and had some more chances before half time, but the 1:1 was fine with everyone.

After 56' GC earned a corner. Zuber curled it and the ball got to Scarione. Scarione hit over the ball and so Salatic was gifted a perfect comeback. St. Gallen were behind once again. But as shown before they were capable of scoring against GC. Our beloved captain Montandon, who cost us a point in Sion with his own goal, decided after 69 minutes he wanted to call it a day a bit early. He harshly fouled Ngamukol at the corner flag and got booked. As he already was on a yellow, he was sent off. He should know better. He should lead better. He should be a better role-model. But he isn't. With a goal and a man down, you're not going to beat GC away. Jeff still tried to get some points and brought Wüthrich and Ishak for Nushi and Mathys, which means we played a 3-4-2 with Mutsch, Besle, Pa Modou; Scarione, Nater, Janjatovic, Wüthrich; Ishak, Etoundi. St. Gallen pressed and tried a lot against a good GC defence while GC tried to counter with the rocket upfront. After 88 minutes Besle decided he had enough of this shit as well and tackled Ben Khalifa from behind. Second booking for Besle, second send-off for St. Gallen. Without another CB it was easy for a quick player like Zuber to take us out. Dribbled and sprinted past our defence, layed it off for Gashi who easily scored.

Because Sion are as out of form as we are, we're still third. YB and especially Zürich are approaching quickly from the back with now only 6 points behind. We need to start producing immediately. I thought Thun on Wednesday was a good chance to do that, but we're missing CB 1 and CB 2 then. Won't be easy. I believe we'll be missing Janjatovic as well on Wednesday, it'll be interesting to see what Saibene will do.

Fuck this shit.



Top Scorers

  • 1. Streller, FC Basel, 12 Goals
  • 2. Oscar Scarione, FC St. Gallen, 10 Goals
  • 3. Anatole Ngamukol, GC Zürich, 9 Goals

Top Assists

  • 1. Valentin Stocker, FC Basel, 9 Assists
  • 2. Izet Hajrovic, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 2. Nassim Ben Khalifa, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 3. Oscar Scarione, GCZ, 5 Assists
  • 3. Marco Streller, FCB, 5 Assists
  • 3. Christian Schneuwly, YB, 5 Assists