Swiss Super League - Round 26

Fair well, Rueda.

Games & Results

FC Sion - FC Luzern 2:1 (1:0)

Lucerne need to win points to stay in the Super League - but fail. Interim manager Seoane changes the team on three positions. It's Sion who score first though, Regazzoni with a beautiful cross on Lacroix' head - 1:0. Wiss drew even after 50 minutes. Later, Puljic clears a ball into Lafferty's feet who scores the last goal of the game.

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FC Zürich - GC Zürich 2:4 (1:2)

GC dominated the derby and went upfront early with a Hajrovic penalty (12') and a Lang goal (25'). FCZ managed to draw even with a Gaijc brace (32' and 51'). After an hour, GC put their style on and scored two more goals (Salatic 63' and Vilotic 70'). That decided the derby.

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Young Boys - Servette FC 0:2 (0:0)

Fair well, Martin Rueda, it is then. With the third-most-expensive squad in the Super League they're sitting 6th. Vitkieviez, loaned to Servette from YB, scored after 60' and Karanovic closed the sack after 70'. Rueda was sacked shortly after the game. Servette now only 2 points behind Lucerne. See the trend? I've told you since last autumn they weren't going down ;)

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FC Lausanne-Sport - FC Thun 2:4 (2:2)

Both teams have really strong defences and are inept in terms of scoring. Well, after only 36 seconds Thun were given a penalty - Schirinzi scored to make it 0:1. Thun were stronger and went ahead 2:0 by Schneuwly. Before the break, Moussilou and Sonnerat scored for Lausanne to bring the fixture back. After an hour it were again Schirinzi and Schneuwly who provided Thun's win.

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FC St. Gallen - FC Basel 1:1 (0:0)


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AFG Arena- 19,500 spectators - Ref Bieri

FC St. Gallen: Lopar; Mutsch, Montandon, Besle, Pa Modou; Wüthrich (76' Martic), Nater, Janjatovic, Nushi; Scarione; Etoundi (88' Sutter).

FC Basel: Sommer; Ph. Degen, Dragovic, Schär, Park; Cabral; Elneny, Serey Die (60' Bobadilla); F. Frei, Yapi (60' D. Degen); Streller.

Goals: 1:0 Wüthrich (50'), 1:1 Streller (53').

Bookings: 1' Serey Die (Foul), 12' Yapi (Foul), 59' Nushi (Foul), Never Ph. Degen but he should've gotten like seven.

Notes: St. Gallen with Herzog (GK), Stocklasa, Sutter, Schönenberger, Martic, Lenjani and Tadic on the bench. Without Mathys (suspended), Cavusevic, Ishak (both injured). Kovacic, Ivic, Kovacevic, Hämmerli and Lehmann (not called up). Basel without Diaz (injured), A. Frei, Stocker and Salah (not called up). 77' Ref Bieri disallows Nater-goal - apparently it was offside. Might also be because he's a fucking cunt.


I'll try to write this report as objective as possible, but that's going to be difficult. FCB played very dirty and the ref really offered them his support. Schär made a tackle on Nushi which definitely deserved at least a booking, but he told Nushi to get the fuck up. Degen was crying like the little bitch he is after 30 seconds, and the ref gave him time to heal his wounds. Nevertheless, here we go:

The top clash started unhurried. St. Gallen found their defensive strength again and showed why they're sitting in third; they were solid at the back and waited for counter-attacking chances. FCB on the other hand were clearly fatigued from the Spuds-game. The first chance was created by St. Gallen: Etoundi didn't score from an acute angle after 30 minutes.

Five minutes after that, Wüthrich received a through-ball, and suddenly found himself in a 1-on-1 situation with only Sommer to beat. He obvisouly got a bit nervous and shot far too early - easy for Sommer to save.

The start of the second half was a lot more swift; after 50 minutes Wüthrich compensated for his mistake; after a Nushi-cross he was left alone at the far post and headed the Espen in front - 1:0 to St. Gallen.

The lead only lasted three minutes. Streller scored his 14th goal of the season. Serey Die passed to former Espe Fabian Frei, who hit the post. The rebound got to Streller's feet who only had to tip it over the line. The most amazing fact about the goal? It was Basels first shot on goal - after 53 minutes! One shot, one goal. Good enough for them.

After 60 minutes Scarione had to score but missed. After 75 minutes it was again Nushi who crossed to Nater who put the ball in the net. Crowd was celebrating - which quickly turned into being furious. The ref decided it was an offside goal - wrong decision.

Basel were lucky not to concede and didn't really create another chance. St. Gallen dominated the game and the oponent and are unlucky to only win one point. Even pro-Basel media write the point is undeserved.

Tactics & General Thoughts

Both halfs were quite different. Let's start with the first half:

As I expected, Murat Yakin decided to rest Stocker and Salah, who raped Spuds-fallbacks last Thursday. They weren't even called up, so AVB should better be prepared for some more wing-magic. The CBs could easily play another game, and the regular fullbacks Park and Degen returned.

Cabral started and took Frei's place in the center; Frei himself moved out on the right wing and therefore replaced Salah. 31 year old Gilles Yapi, who'll probably leave Basel next summer and has only played 12 Super League games this season, played as a wide right mid. The thing is, he is actually a center mid and drifted in all the time. This meant Basel often had 4 players in the center which exposed their left. And that's exactly what St. Gallen exploited. Mutsch, who returned to the team after illness, and Wüthrich ran at Park with speed. With Park having to deal with both, he was swamped, but still did pretty well. It also resulted in quite a few last-ditch tackles by either Dragovic or Cabral who tried to help out.

Basel had no shot on goal in the first half. Elneny, Cabral and Serey Die are all a tad to defensive, Frei and Yapi no real wingers. Because Yapi drifted inside, Die tried to play on the wing quite a few times. It didn't work as St. Gallen's defence was pretty solid.

The second half was quite different, especially after the double change at the hour mark. Bobadilla came on for Serey Die, Degen for Gilles Yapi. With that, Basel switched to a 4-4-2 with Degen - Cabral - Elneny - Frei; Streller - Bobadilla. With a true winger on the right and Frei (who's a lot better out wide than Yapi) who covered for Park St. Gallen were not able to exploit the wings anymore. In attack nothing changed for Basel. Wüthrich seemed a bit tired in the second half, and Nushi was fouled pretty often. What you need to know about Nushi is, the lad's got some temper. So after the second or third foul, he started discussing with the ref and made some revenge fouls. Obviously he was booked. He didn't stop after that, and he was clearly in danger of a second booking. As Martic put his shit on, everyone expected him to go on the right wing, and Wüthrich switching to his prefered left. Nope, Saibene decided to take Wüthrich off, and leave Nushi on. As Sutter, the second winger, put his shirt on, everyone expected him to replace Nushi. Nope, Saibene decided to take Etoundi, our only striker, off. And really, I can't tell you what formation we we're playing for the last five minutes. It was quite chaotic upfront.

In conclusion we could say, our defensive stability is back and our attacking un-creativity is still our biggest issue. We can only hope to get Cavusevic back as soon as possible.



Top Scorers

  • 1. Streller, FC Basel, 14 Goals
  • 2. Oscar Scarione, FC St. Gallen, 12 Goals
  • 3. Anatole Ngamukol, GC Zürich, 9 Goals

Top Assists

  • 1. Valentin Stocker, FC Basel, 10 Assists
  • 2. Izet Hajrovic, GCZ, 7 Assists
  • 3. Nassim Ben Khalifa, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 3. Oscar Scarione, GCZ, 6 Assists
  • 3. Marco Streller, FCB, 6 Assists