“I can do all things through him who gives me strength” Phil. 4 13.

By:Bryson Ellis

I Believe Poem

I believe in the power of God,the strength he gives us,the ability he gives us to spread the word,the freedom we have to worship you,the opportunities we have to tell people about you,Faith ,love, love. I believe in the Lord and our savior,I believe in Jesus dying on the cross,I believe in Freedom in religion,Lord, Messiah , and Savior,And I believe in God creating the heavens and the earth, and I also believe in Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. (longest)

Personal Credo

My credo is “I can do all things through him who gives me strength” Phil. 4 13. I believe your credo should be something that pushes you to do better.

I chose this credo because I grew up in church and my parents taught me to be this way. My credo is one of my favorite bible verses because I believe you should keep pushing on. I also like this credo because it means if you can keep believing in christ you can keep pushing on.
This belief is important because you need to believe in the power of christ. I believe it is important to keep believing in this because christ can get you through your struggles.
I don’t think my credo will change because I’m planning on being a believer for my whole life. I see it evolving when I am struggling with something and he helps me and thats when the love and trust grows. when you go through struggles is when it might change.
My credo is significant to me because I am a believer in God. I would be happy if others follow this credo and Jesus I would not challenge others. It would be beneficial because there should be more believers in God.

BY Bryson Ellis

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