Introduction to Special Needs

Letter of Expectations

Created by Sarah Ingrim

What is this class all about?

I think this class is about learning how to think differently, so I will be able to create lessons for the special needs students in my future classroom.  

What do I hope to learn in this class?

I hope to learn as many techniques as possible when it comes to teaching special needs children.  There are so many different types of special needs learners that I know not everything can be covered in this class, but I hope to learn some skills and ideas that can become a solid foundation for me to draw from in the future.

Do I have preconceived notions about Special Needs Learners?

I don't think that I have preconceived notions about Special Needs Learners.  I have been fortunate to be around several Special Needs Learners through my job as a para-educator.  I have seen how they each have their own learning issues, and have learned to deal with those issues in their own way.

How do I plan to be successful in this class?

In order to be successful in this class, I plan on completing all my assignments on time, participating in all discussions, and stretching my creativity by learning how to use new technology tools.

What do I expect of myself as a student, a future teacher?

As a student, I expect myself to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn all I can from this class.  The instructor has sacrificed time to create lessons, I need to make the time to fully complete each lesson.  When I am a teacher I have to be willing to keep working until I figure out the best way to present things to my students so that they will be able to understand whatever topic we are learning about.

Will the kind of student I am now impact the type of teacher I might become?

I think the type of student I am now could impact the type of teacher I become.  If I am not willing to put in the time and effort now, as a student, to learn new things, why would that suddenly change when I become a teacher?  I feel that in order to be an effective teacher I will always be learning.  Teachers have the opportunities to attend conferences, read studies, and work with other teachers to get new ideas. I feel that my commitment to my current studies will carry over into my teaching.

What issues might I face on my journey to become a can this class help me overcome them?

I think the biggest issue I will face on my journey to become a teacher is adapting to all the new technologies that have been developed recently.  Knowing how to create word documents, power points, and spreadsheets used to be all that was expected of students.  In today's ever changing world, I am constantly realizing how little I know about developing technologies.  This class will help push me to learn many different ways to present information, which will help me become a creative teacher.