Mobile Apps in k-12 Education

Journal Jar

What is this? Journal jar is a mobile app that gives users different ideas and prompts that they can use as inspiration when they write.

How would you use it? One could use this app in an elementary school setting. The teacher could ask the students to each write a creative story that they will then present to the class. Using Journal Jar, each student will be given a different idea for their writing and will have 5-10 minutes to create their story.


What is this? Audioboo is an app as well as a website that allows students to upload recorded audio onto the web.

How would you use it? One way to use this app would be to have students film different activities that go on around the school and then load their audio into the video to create a news report.


What is this? Videolicious is an app that allows student to create video stories about themselves.

How would you use it? Instead of asking students to introduce themselves on the first day of class, you could ask then to create a short video about themselves using videolicious.

Create a Comic Android App

What is this? Create a Comic is and Android app that allows students to create their own comic strip on any topic they so choose.

How would you use it? In french class, instead of having students simply write short stories, you could have them create a comic strip in french to demonstrate creativity, technology use and their understanding of the language.

Brain Tutor 3D

What is this? Brain Tutor 3D is an iTunes app that displays 3D images and information of the brain.

How could you use it? Brain Tutor 3D would be a great resource for a high school biology class. It would give students a visual of what they are learning as well as present information in a different way than the teacher.

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