Gilded Age Research Assignment

Notes, Tips, and Info from the LCIS Library

Begin by logging in to EasyBib

Go to and log in by clicking on the red 'Sign in with Google' button

From your tablet, you may not have to enter any information.  If so, use and usual password 00+PIN

Create a New Project in your EasyBib account.  Consider titling this "Gilded Age" or using your subject as your title.  

Next, use MackinVia to locate databases

Login info:
username: ID#
password: nasa

Copy + Paste citations into EasyBib

Copy and paste this entire citation

***Don't click EXPORT TO EASYBIB options on any citations.  It will not send it to the project's bibliography.  It will create a new project each time and will clog up your account.  This is not a good way to stay organized***

Copy everything EXCEPT the URL - the latest MLA format does not include the URL

When adding a citation from a database, switch to the "Database" blue tab on the top of the screen.  Under that, click the 'Copy & Paste' button to paste the pre-made citation onto your bibliography.

Formatting Your Word Document

-Home tab - 12 point Arial or TNR
         - line spacing to 2.0 under Paragraph section

-Page Layout tab - 1" margins

This works very similarly in a Google Doc

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