100 Years of God's Unfailing Love

Centennial #ProudINC

Wow. Just wow.

When I opened my eyes from my nap, I instantly saw the Philippine Arena, and I have to tell you, I am in awe. Really. "Wow" was the only word that I can say about it.

Check my photos above please. Haha.

I can't express the feeling when I got inside for the very first time. While waiting for Bro. Eduardo Manalo, music started playing inside and the media kept on focusing their cameras on the oldies (sorry po) I have goosebumps, for real.  Oh by the way, our president's speech was entertaining. Haha.

Centennial Celebration was a success. I thank God for giving us this life and all the things He did to us.

Sa'yo po ang lahat ng kapurihan, aming Ama. Mahal na mahal ka po namin. :) <3

Anyways, prior to the centennial celebration, several activities/events were organized by different districts around the world.

We finally made it. 100 years. We surpassed a lot of trials yet we made it this far. Salamat po Kapatid na Felix Y. Manalo, salamat din po Kapatid na EraƱo G. Manalo, pati po sa Kapatid na Eduardo V. Manalo. Maraming maraming salamat din po sa ating Ama!