From the Desk of Joe Banner

Originally written December 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Man, what a season! We had our ups and our downs, our wins and our losses. I think we all learned some great things for this team moving forward. As is the case with all sports, though, we have to remember what’s most important – having fun. And I don’t know about you all, but for me, the bestest most fun part of this past year was the coaching search!! So waddaya say we do it all over again?! I know I’m in.

Sure, we’ll get all kinds of grief from the media and the fans accusing us of sending mixed signals when we traded our starting running back the same week we started our third string quarterback…and lying when I said that record doesn’t matter this year…and shifting blame from us when we traded away most of our draft picks last year, were minimally successful with the picks we did use, overpaid for underproduction from our free agent signings, and had no weapons to speak of outside of Jordon Cameron and Josh Gordon. BTW remember that time when you said he was a waste of a pick, Mike? LOL!!! Who has two thumbs and egg on his facejQuery21008981186638120562_1401899271364 YOU DO. (Side note for Mike – I need those analysis reports on the players you scouted ASAP). And we’ll be toying once again with an already-fragile fan base because we’ll be starting over for the second time in two years. And we risk pushing out team leaders like D’Qwell Jackson (HAHA what a funny name!!), Joe Thomas, and Joe Haden (have you seen his commercials with Mike Serpentini??!?!?! Those are awesome!!!) away from the organization with another complete house-cleaning.

I just wish they could feel the thrill of chasing your first choice and meeting with him right after a bowl game then getting turned down and watching him choose your old team over you. Then moving onto your second choice and having him turn you down to stay in college. Then moving onto your third choice and him doing the same thing as your second choice except with a school that can’t play in the post-season for another two years. Then finally wading through your fourth rung of selections and finding your man who happens to be “one of the brightest if not THE brightest mind in the NFL” (I’ll get you guys in touch with my PR guy…he’s got a way with words).

So who’s with me??? There will be a meeting today for a new search committee where we will identify one guy that we want, hope that he says yes, and if he doesn’t, just wing it from there because that is the most fun way to go about the most fun thing in football. After the meeting, we should totally go see Anchorman 2!!! I don’t know where they come up with that stuff.

Woof woof woof!!!


PS. Mike, I need you to put a list together of everyone with any sort of connection to Bill Belichick that we can identify as targets. I know you keep close tabs on this, so it shouldn’t take you that long.