Malcom x

How can one person change the world?

Leadership, passionate, and courageous. That pretty much sums up Malcom x's qualities. Malcom x championed the rights of African Americans and was a born leader also. He was very passionate bout bringing whites and blacks together during the 1950's and 60's. He lead speeches to give the black people a new life,and it worked.

Leadership, a black militant, Malcom x championed the rights if African Americans and urged them to develop racial unity. He encouraged his people to think for themselves. He learned to change his viewpoint. He became a active in the Nation of Islam, a black serpeist group.

Passionate , Malcom x was a prominent figure during the civil rights era. Malcom advocated for both the establishment for a separate black community in the use of violence in self defense rather than non violence. His forceful use of words to help the black man overcome all of the bad things happening will go down in history.

Courageous, Malcom x showed courage by giving speeches and leading the black people to a new life. He deserves more credit for his courage in fighting racism. Malcom x's speeches were "The ballot or the bullet".

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