Creativity and Slab Building

Introduction to Textured Tripod Slab Cup


I will take notes on the process for building a Textured Tripod Cup that I will be able to use when making the project.

I will ask clarifying questions about the process when I don't understand something.


You need:

Textured Tripod Slab Cup rubric, writing implement, small piece of paper for Do Now

Do now:

  • On small piece of paper, list the steps for rolling a slab of clay. Use art terms and complete sentences. Pretend you are writing these instructions for someone who has never done this before.

Introduction to next mini-project

This mini-project is meant to give you some experience with slab-building before creating a more complex form next. We will only be working on this project this week in class.

Video with Note-taking

Exit Ticket:

What type of texture will you use for your tripod textured slab cup? What questions do you have?

Introduction to Making A Tripod Slab Cup

Take notes in your sketchbook.

Pay attention to the steps taken to create the finished cup.

0:00-1:00 (Brief Intro)

You will need a template (11"x 5.25") and texture tool before beginning. Don't forget to wedge clay. Roll out slab 1/4" thick.

3:25-10:53 (Rolling and adding texture to slab. Beveling edges. Making cylinder)

Be sure to rib the slab before adding texture (5:15). If you don't do this you are more likely to have issues with surface cracks later on in the process.

10:53-18:00 (Making the tripod base and shaping the cup.)

18:18-21:48 (Making the handle and how to wrap the piece)

21:49-27:58 (Day 2- Attaching the handle and finishing off the cup.)

Introduction to Slab-Built Home/Tea Set

How do people become creative?


Do now:  Read and annotate the project rubric. Put a box around anything that requires creativity. (5 min)

TED Talk: Four Lessons in Creativity by Julie Burstein (18 min)

Discussion- Creativity in ceramics and how it pertains to your project. How is a home more than just a shelter? (10 min)

Prezi- Slab Building (15 min)

Assign HW- Visual Research: Slab-Built Home/Tea Set- Due Friday 12/4

Exit Ticket: What did you learn from today's video about being creative? How will you use that knowledge when making your next project?


  • I will identify ways that people can become more creative and make connections to today's lesson and ideas for my next project.
  • I will be exposed to an art historical basis for slab building and new ways to make a slab.

TED Talk

Questions for Consideration:

What are the four lessons in creativity from the video you watched?

What stood out to you the most from the video?

What connections to your own life/experience could you make?

How can someone become more creative?

Slab Building Prezi

Exit Ticket: What did you learn from today's video about being creative? How will you use that knowledge when making your next project?

Day Two


-Do now: Make sure that your photos of your Wabi Sabi tea bowl (and Native American   Coil Pot- Greenware) have been submitted to the google classroom.
-Take out your sketchbooks and work on your visual research and thumbnail   sketches that are due tomorrow. Print reference images and attach artfully into       sketchbook. (30 min)
-Project demonstration (15 min)
-Exit ticket: What do you think will be the most challenging part of this project?   Explain.


I will design a creative house/tea set using reference images and the rubric as my guide.