To the my other half

"I've loved you from the start. In every single way. And more each passing day. You are brighter than the stars. Believe me when I say, It’s not about your scars. It’s all about your heart."

"I would never ask you to change. If perfect is what your searching for then just stay the same because youre amazing just the way you are. You may not be perfect to them but you are to me."

"If you are an ice cream flavor, you'd be my favorite one. You'll be the sugar to my coffee. And the peanut butter to my jelly. I wouldn't trade you for any food. I rather eat it with you."

"When the rain falls on my face, you quickly replace it with a golden summer smile. When I'm feeling' tired and afraid, you know just what to say to make everything alright."

"When I'm about to lose control you patiently hold my hand. And gently calm me down. When you sing and when you laugh, I always photograph my heart flying way above the clouds."

"Take silly pictures together. Walk for miles together. Act like kids. Play in the rain. We'll dance like no one is watching. Lets do weird things together because I really dont mind your odd behavior because it's the very thing i love and savor."

"Whenever insecurities hit me, you make me feel all better. It's like you're my make up. You make me feel confident. I know I'm not one of the prettiest girls around but when im with you, you make me feel like im far more beautiful than Anne Hathaway. It's like im the only girl in the world. Despite my flaws and imperfections, you still love me endlessly."

"I loved you because you love me when i couldn't love myself. I promise to stay if you promise to never leave. Please dont stop loving me because i cant."

"You're the fourth best gift that God gave me. Fourth because; First, how can i love you without my life? Second, How can i love you like this without experiencing the unconditional love given by my family? And Lastly, I cannot give what i dont have so how could i ever love you without loving myself?"

" Wag kang masyadong overreacting dyan! Yung ngiti mo umabot na sa tenga. Nag mukha kanang ewan. Basaha nalang gud. Minsan lang ako sweet bukas hindi na. Back to normal na ang pag-hahazing ko sayo hahahaha!"

" Do everything with love." -1 Corinthians 16:14

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