Slavery By: Karina

Slaves were used for picking goods in the South in time of the Civil War. Day by day just trying to survive. They were like prisoners of war. People were considered property. The more slaves, owners had, the more property they got, normally you needed about 30 acres per 1 slave to keep then busy. The most valuable workers were men under 20 and the second most valuable were women under 20.

Slaves work was what was valuable not them as people. All of them were poor of goods and their own condition. They were good workers to there owners though.

They had little to no freedom. Slaves were worked and beaten to death. They didn't know when or if freedom would come. If they tried to run away, the first time they would be whipped, the second time they got an R branded on their right cheek, the third time one of their ears would be cut off and an R burned on their left cheek for run away, and the fourth time, if you were a man, was castration.  

Slaves, mostly from Africa worked on plantations, these plantations produced important crops traded by the colony, the crops were mostly cotton and tobacco. Cotton actually replaced tobacco as the South's main cash crop. Women also had to crush rice. Both men and women had to hoe fields for crops to go in.    

Sundays were the only day slaves had off, to go to church, white people had to bring their guns to church because of that. Slaves could not be trusted. Still they tried to run away on those days because everyone was in one place and they thought they would have a better chance.

Slaves trying to escape never really worked.

Most Southerners had no more slaves by 1810. From 1790 to 1810, the proportion of the slaves were then free.


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