Florence Joyner

Florence Joyner was as Florence Delorez Griffith born in December 12, 1959 in Los Angles, CA. She learn that she wanted to become a runner at the age of 7.Then at the age of 14 she won the Jessie Owens National Youth Games. When she made it to high school she started to represent the Jordan High School as an anchor. Then attended California State University at Northridge. After a while she transferred to University of California, Los Angles. In 1982, she had victory for winning the 200-meter event and took top spot for the 400-meter. In 1984, Joyner had put her debut in the Olympic Games in Los Angels.

Then in 1987, She Met Her Soul Mate Al Joyner.Around Then she started to let her husband coach her.But soon decided to let her Kersee start back coaching her and won most of medals.Her and her husband soon brought a baby girl in to the world and Florence retired for a while in 1988.Then drama started because some people questioned her victories because they had fount out that her coach Bob Kersee told some of his athlete to use drug such as steriods. But it soon died down because they had it recorded that she toke 11 drug tests by her self 1988. While she was retired she still did some athletics and one time she co-chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness in 1993. She was went back in for training and had a unexpectedly epileptic seizure and died at the age of 38 September 21,1998 and stills hold records that no one have beat.

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