Career Research Project
A.J. Miller
Civil Engineer

Professional Requirements

* Bachelor degree in Science and Civil Engineering

*A state license saying you have completed professional engineer state license requirements

*Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

Educational Requirements

*You need a bachelor degree in Science and Civil Engineering for minimum.

*Masters degree if you want to become a civil engineer manager.

*Get your degree from an organization from Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology.

*It puts an emphasis on physics, calculus, and statistics. It also includes engineering mechanics, fluid dynamics, and engineering systems.

Civil Engineering and Its Future

Civil Engineering is a job that employs around 273,000 in 2012 and is suppose to grow 20% to 2022 which is faster than usual and will employ 53,700 more people. Civil Engineers make about $80,000 a year. If you don't know what civil engineering is it is like being an architect or a construction manager. I like this field because it is what my dad does and it interests me to know how things work and how they are built. It also fits me because I am good at science and math which is great for an engineer because you use it in your plans and designs. I have also talked to my dad about it and it interests me because of all the technology they use and how it gets better each year. It is also awesome to see his blue prints and how he plans out how to put pipe in and tear down building safely with what he know from the building plans. I think Civil Engineering looks great for me because I think I will fit well, have lots of background knowledge, and it is suppose to grow in employment and with its technology.

Important "Issues"

There are some issues with civil engineering right now. The issues they are having are that the government and companies aren't spending money on repairs and the structures and things are falling apart. The new civil engineers are also not getting enough real life experience before they go into the field which causes some of their structures to fall and need improvement. There is also a lot of pressure on them which causes some of them to fail and quit their job.


The college I have chosen to look at to get my Civil Engineering Degree at is Iowa State University also know as ISU. ISU is well known for for its engineering department. The department is ranked 35 in the nation. ISU is in Ames Iowa; with the starting tuition of $32,390 every year. 34,732 students attend ISU at the moment. It is a very large campus with a lot of advanced technology that will help your learning.

"As long as you work hard it will pay off and you will succeed."
-Justin Miller

I live by this quote because it says as long as I work hard and put my mind to something I will be able to achieve great things. It also shows as long as I know what I am doing and work hard at it; it will be very hard not to succeed at that job.

Role Model

My role model is my dad Justin Miller. He is my role model because he is succeeding at what I want to do when I grow up. He owns his own business and works in civil engineering jobs. He is also very successful in his business and that makes me want to strive to be better than him. He also is my role model because he grow  the company from what my grandpa had it at and made it 20x bigger. He taught me you need to grow and compete to be successful and he has done it from my grandpa just digging basements and foundation to him doing entire piping for airports and large sites like Western University and doing the dirt work for them.

Also how he works with people and interacts with them is great. It teaches me how to talk to them and how he has so many connects to places. Also he interacts with them by donating to a lot of this like charities and large events. I shows me that you have to give to your communities to get things in return. It also gives me joy to see how these people are affected and the joy on their faces when they receive these things. I am proud to be able to call him my dad.

He also teaches me a lot of life lessons that helps me in life and will help me succeed when I get to his position. His lessons also help me now with interacting with people and knowing what to do in certain situations.


For my interview I asked my dad questions about his job and how Civil Engineer affects his work. My dad has worked in this business since he was 12 when my grandpa owned the business. This is the reason he selected this field to work in. He said "I love my job because of the challenges, change of projects, and the feeling of completion after a project which comes with pride when looking at it"(Justin Miller). I then asked what he disliked about his job. His response was " I hate the meetings, the stress, and not getting paid when we should be"(Justin Miller). As I saw from his response is that he has a lot of ups and downs in his job. Also noticed though that he listed a lot more positives then negatives in his list which shows that the job is well liked. I then asked why he picked this field. His answer was" I enjoy the different project, working outside, the large equipment used at the site, and most of all is because I grew up around it and knew what to do".(Justin Miller). I listened to these things and every time he said one I was also thinking to same thing, so I see it as that we like the same things and the job will probably have the same effect on me as it does on him. My final question to him was do you regret not going to collage. He replied and said " Yes, but no. I wish I went for the experience, but the cost was the downside"(Justin Miller). I listened to this response; I thought that the experience of collage will be worth it, and that I should go. By doing this interview I learned more about the field, and what are the positives and the negatives. It just assures me that I will do this for a living when I am older.

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