Digital Volunteers is time to get started

First, you will need to access your account:

On the upper right corner of the class blog, you will see a "Log In" prompt to get started. Be sure to select "Parent Login" (See image below).

Select your name from the drop-down list and select "Log In":

Type in the temporary password you received via email from the classroom teacher and "Log In". You will now be in the class blog space. In the upper right corner (see example below) of the screen, you will see “Control Panel”. Select that now.

Be sure to change your password to something you will remember. Teachers do NOT have access to your password. Digital Citizenship Alert - remember not to use any passwords that are tied to financial institutions or other secured websites on your KidBlog parent account.

In this panel you can also change the way your name will display on posts. Remember, this blog is public, so you can make your name nondescript (as long as it is professional). For example, my user shows as Mrs. Kracht - I could choose to be Mrs. K or Ms. Tracey if I want to reduce my digital footprint.

More than a "silhouette"

We have found as soon as you change your Avatar (profile picture) you automatically become more social and 'real' to students. Let's do that now. Digital Citizenship Alert - be sure your picture is representative of you, but also school appropriate. Try to avoid pictures with sunglasses or hats as that impedes the student's ability to see you clearly as a thumbnail image.

Click "Change avatar" (see example below) at the bottom of the Control Panel page and upload your picture. Finish this step by selecting "Update Profile".

Once your avatar is updated correctly, you will now see a thumbnail in the title bar at the top of your screen (see example below). Every time you submit a comment, your picture and name will appear next to your remarks.

Your First Post

You have your account, your password has been changed, you uploaded a profile picture and now you are ready to go! In the upper right corner select "Go to class blogs".

Click on the post titled "Welcome Bloggers!"

Scroll to the bottom and you will find a space for adding a comment to the post. Use this space to share who you are and what excites you about being a Digital Volunteer on the blog project.

Below is an example of how your submitted post will appear:

Thank you

For taking the first step to being an active participant in our blogging learning environment!