Texas, Our Texas
Hooks 1-3

Hook #1 - Interior design hook: No lights, just use flashlights that look like lanterns. In the background the students will hear howling and the sounds of fire crackling and a wagon train moving. No one speaks.

Hook #2 - Message board hook: Have a question on posted on the class blog that must be answered on my Lino-it board. The question would be geared toward what they have learned in Social Studies, their feeling about how people lived during this time.

Hook #3 - The Props Hook: Gather items from the time period and have students set up the room to mimic what the settlers were going through as they developed Texas.

Hooks 4-6

Hook #4 - Story Teller Hook: At the beginning of the chapter there is a story "Where we are" and it puts the reader in the setting. Set up the room to tell this story in such a way as to bring the students in, maybe include props

Hook #5 - The Backwards Hook: Start at scenes from the aftermath of The Battle of the Alamo and have the students really take in what happened. Then move into the actions that caused this scene.

Hook #6 - The Reality TV Hook: Divide the class into 4 tribes of Texas History -  Comanche, Apache, Caddo, Karankawa. They must only talk to as work with their tribes. They must research and create a project to explain who they are and their importance in Texas History.

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