Military Hardware WWII

The Aircraft:

The purpose of a aircraft was to tell people where they are at. Also they are used for fighting enemies in air.

These aircraft's had great effectiveness because not many people could shoot a fast flying aircraft out of the sky. And they could deploy people behind enemy lines.

The aircraft's were used in stealth and secret missions. And they could be used as a distraction to get others across enemy lines.


The Ships:

Ship's purpose in WWII was to destroy any enemy's ships in their way. They were also used to stalk their enemies.

They have machine guns and at least 2 fighter planes. The ships go faster than people think because the ships have a big engine.

Some of the battleships are one of the biggest ships that were ever built in the world. Ships were one of the most deadliest weapons ever made in war history.


The Tanks:

The tanks were used as ground forces to destroy larger objects that are bigger than the tank itself.

Usually the tanks can go at least 25-30 mph. They are fast when they are on a flat surface.

Since the tanks were not as big, the most that could fit inside is 4 or 5 people.