If I would want to go back in time it would be to the 80's

By. Hannah Marie Spicer <3

     Hello there. My name is Kayla and me and my Best friend Ashley stay together on the weekends. This weekend we were talking about going to the mall. We love shopping for clothes and many more things. We like to dress like the girls did back in the 80's because their clothing was very stylish. We got asked what time period we would like to go to and be stuck in it. Well Immediately we said the 80's of course because thats the only thing we were all about was the 80's! Me and Ashley said we would love to but that would never happen. As soon as we got to the mall we went to the store called 80's. There was this really cute glowing disco ball. It was in a case. We wondered why it was. So we was going to look at it better. We made sure there was no one around or no one coming we opened the case and examined the ball. Ashley started to reach for the ball. I yelled STOP!!! You don't know what that could do. She said relax Kayla nothing is going to happen its just a disco ball that glows. Alright i said. But i ani't touching it until you do. How about at the same time said Ashley. Sure i said. We reach for the glowing ball and it starts to spin and get brighter. As soon as we touch it BOOM! we aren't in the mall no more.

     Were are we says Ashley. I told you, i told you Ashley we shouldn't of touched the ball. Wait said Ashley! Look there are people maybe we can ask them were we are. Ashley i don't wanna look stupid or suspicious cause i don't think we are even supposed to be here. ASHLEY!!!! What she said. Look around thats what I said. Immediately we both say THE 80'S. She Kayla i told you that nothing was going to be wrong with touching the ball because we love this place and we said we would never be able to get here and we did! Ashley this is a life time for us! I know says Ashley. Wait. Oh no! What? Says Ashley. Home i say. How do we get back? Our parents don't know where we are. What happens it they call the cops because we are gone and they think we are missing? Kayla relax they think we are gone on a trip. Which we kinda are. ( We Both start Laughing )True I say. How are we going to get back Ashley? Don't worry Kayla we will figure out everything but for now lets go explore we aren't here for nothing! We walk around town and see many things. We see ice cream stores. We walk past the beach and everything this was amazing. Ashley wanna go swimming tonight? Sure Said Ashley. Well for now Kayla lets walk around. Wait! Ashley there is a mall here. Yea? What about it Kayla? Maybe there is a 80's Store and we can find the ball to get back home! Kayla we are in the 80's Hunny for all we know that ball could be anywhere.

     We keep walking and walking and walking searching every store until we cant go no more. Kayla we are never going to find it so why are you worried about finding it anyway. This is awesome and you know it. Well that is true said Kayla. Lets go shopping and get some good clothes so we can take them with us when we do find that ball. Yes Good idea Ashley. We go into a store called go or come. Thats a strange name Ashley lets go check it out. We walk in there and its the biggest store we have ever seen its even bigger then the mall. But there was where we bought all of our good clothes because they were the best than another stores.

       We bought them because everyone in the 80's were popular with there clothes and didn't get Judged no matter what so we decided we where going to try them out. Me and Ashley walk upon a store that was inside the big store that had nothing but Jewelry and sitting in there was one of the disco balls that we didn't even notice! ASHLEY!!!! WHAT KAYLA? and can u stop screaming in my ear for crying out loud. Sorry but look there is a ball. Like the one in our time period at the mall. Good thinking Kayla. the day Was almost over it was getting dark outside we made sure to distract the jewelry seller by paying a woman to get her out of the store and ask her some questions. As soon as she left we lifted the glass case and the ball started glowing. Kayla..... Are you sure you wanna leave. Because this will be our last time. Why says Kayla? The ball will always be there we can always come back! Indeed says Ashley. On 3 ? On 3! says Kayla. One... Two... Three... Everything is quiet we are back in our room with our clothes in our hands and we got what we needed. We are finally back home. We now no that we can take a trip to the 80's When we want!

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