Musk ox


Musk oxen fight to show male dominance. For reproduction the strongest male reproduces with the females. Musk oxen are omnivores who live off the grasses that they find in the tundra. They travel in packs to stay safe from preditors. They have to travel to find their food.

Adaptations and description of plants in the Tundra

Musk oxen live in the tundra wich is very cold. It is covered in snow for most of the year. Most lakes are frozen too. Some plants that live in the tundra are... Trees, article moss, article willow, bearberry, diamond leave willow. Some adaptations of the Musk oxen are they have short ears, hard bone on the top of their head, long fur to stay warm, big body's that have fat to stay warm and they also have short legs.

Plants and Tundra ecosystem

Map of Tundra

Animals that live with the musk ox

Article fox, caribou, polar bear, snowy owl, grizzly bear.

About the Tundra

The tundra is cold for about 3/4 of the year and grows warmer in the summer. The temputure does not get much higher than 10 to 20 degrees f. It is covered in snow most of the year but during the summer it is covered in beautiful grass and trees and covered in color. You can find the musk ox in the northern Parts of North America, Greenland, and Asia.

A Tundra Rapid Process

A rapid process that could occur in the tundra is a blizzard with heavy snow.  The musk ox is able to survive because it has adapted with a fatty body, long fur, and it's ability to move long distances in search of food.

Fun Facts

Musk oxen are one of the strongest land animals in the world, the font leg hooves are larger than the back leg hooves, and one musk oxen can have up to 135kg of meat.

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