I would leave this group that i hang with and i would  and i would find some new friends. And help my friend too so they want have to be around a lot of negativity.I think kids should quit bullying because it is not nice . it brings people down.


It would send a message to the bully that he has power over people he might start to think that he has power aver people . Also the person that he is bullying could star getting affected by it. Also i ts telling then that they can't be stopped until it starts yo get physical.You can find more friends you could also put up a bullying com-pane to stop bullying. if you are the one getting bullied you could get counseling and you could try to encourage the one that's getting bullied to try to stand up about bullying or tell someone. You have led to other kids if there fat skinny  or short or tall that someone is there for you and cares about this bullying.Its telling bullies that they are hurting people but really hurting there self. and this is really a problem. And i would go and embarrassed them on there page or talk to a counselor.

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