How Important Is Encryption!

You need to secure email, whether it remains stored inside your device or in transit. This way you can maintain the integrity and the confidentiality of your messages successfully. The technology for securing the mails has been there for a long time, but never have they been as effective as available currently. There are numerous network eavesdroppers waiting for a chance to breach security. Only way to thwart such risks is through the use of effective software solutions. Default protocols like TLS/SSL offer protection to your e-mails, and it circulates as plain text over the Internet and various local networks.

This way, it remains fair game for any attack with a want to intercept or read the messages and related attachments as it travels from the sender to the receiver. Even the archived e-mails that remain stored upon server are not out of reach from those who want to intercept these at will. So whenever you receive sensitive data through e-mail, the situation becomes quite worrisome, as you don't know how to give it an adequate protection. The problem remains the same, whether the mail is travelling within the organization or from one company to another.

All it requires for the malware is to attach itself to one of the hosts, increasing its chance of interception and exfiltration of all the associated sensitive data. Companies who are aware of such high risk to sensitive data never fail to deploy quality encryption software for encrypting every mail and related attachment. End users have always found it difficult to perform initial secure mail encryption as well as the subsequent decryption limiting the use of such solutions across organizations.

Key cryptographic management has posed a continuous challenge to users. Nowadays, however, with the availability of various software solutions have tried to make the process easier than before. This has helped in two different ways,

  • Encryption mostly occurs in the background
  • Requirements of user training becomes minimal

Various products and services use this kind of solutions in one way or other, such as through use of:

  • A. Web-based solutions
  • B. Built-in encryption feature in e-mail client
  • C. E-mails secure hosting service

When it comes to different kinds of encryption products, any standard architecture is not available. Gateway software constitutes the product heart enforcing policy-based encryption. It signifies the policy series an organization implements to determine the circumstances under which a mail will undergo this process. This includes automatic encryption of outgoing e-mail containing personally identifiable sensitive information or outgoing messages that users related to particular groups send.

Some product may involve installation of encryption client on mobile devices, laptops, desktops, which you use to send or receive the mails. This can do it on policy basis or involve situations where the choice of encryption rests with the client. Protection is offered directly from endpoint and not e-mail gateway and this in turn will thwart threats on local networks of client. Nowadays, instead of installation on the client devices, web-based interfaces are available on offer from sending organization or any of the numerous software vendors.

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