By Marcus Moss

The Psychological Relationship Between Teacher and Student

My product is on how certain factors may affect a students grades based on the teacher and their teaching, and their relationship with the student. Many factors can affect the learning of students and I believe its a group effort between teacher and student to take advantage of these factors to create a better learning environment.

Some Factors that can affect the learning environment

1. The Student to Teacher ratio

2. Resources available to Teachers and Students

3. Residential Life.

4. Parental Guidance

5. Educational Structuring

The Teacher to Student ratio highly affects the grades of students. With less students to teacher teachers are able to give more 1 to 1 time to the students while with more the teacher is not able to spend as much time with each student.

Resources available to students and teachers highly affect the knowledge gained and shown by students. With up to date and current educational books available student are able to better on tests. With computer access students can find information quicker and easier but there is also a problem with such available resources as they could be a hinderance rather than a advantage.

The residential life of a student may highly affect the students grade in negative and positive ways. A student coming from a poor area/neighborhood may have a school behind the current educational standards or the student may not have as many opportunities as most. A student who only has 1 guardian or has 2 guardians that work constantly may not be able to get the help needed.

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