What we do in math!!!!!!!

In math this six weeks we have been working on multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals.In my opinion multiplying and dividing decimals is a lot easier.You will have greater numbers ,but it is simple when you have steps on how to do it.

1. act like there is no decimal points

2. multiply the two numbers and get the product

3.after you have the product , put the decimals where they go in the numbers

4.then you count the numbers that are behind the decimal point and add them

5.after you have the sum of the numbers behind the decimal you count those spaces on the product of the numbers and that's where the decimal goes .

In math we have also worked on negative and positive numbers on a number line . The numbers can be a decimal number or it can be a whole number . If you did not know positive numbers are always greater that negative numbers,but most negative numbers are greater than negative numbers.For example, -3 is less than negative -2. We compare our negative numbers to money to help us understand . In addition, you would rather owe 2$ than owe 3$ so that's why -2 is greater than -3.

Another lesson we have learned this six weeks is multiplying fractions .Multiplying fractions is very easy once you have the hang of it. When multiplying there is always rules and questions you have to ask your self.

1. multiply the two numerators (top numbers) and the two denominators (bottom numbers)

2. once you have the product you ask your self ( Is the fraction improper?)or ( Can I reduce the fraction?)

An improper fraction is a fraction when the greater number is on top and the least number is on bottom. ( see below)

Is 12  /18 an improper fraction? Can it be reduced?

12/18 is not an improper fraction ,but it can be reduced by

Did you know you can use apps and websites to help you study? One really fun website to use is Math play.com. This website is very fun and is very useful. The game I will show you is Math Millionaire. The objective of the game is to find the product of two fractions and see is they can be reduced. This game will help you when you have test and you want to study in a fun way.

Math can be really fun when you play games or apps . When you find fun websites they  can also help. I have found lots of games to hlp me study when I have math test and you can do the same.Don't forget you can always make math fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

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