Sir Marc Isambard Brunel


Civil Engineer, Thames Tunnel

He is born in France 1769. Since young, he was good at drawings and mathematics. At the age of eleven he was sent to a seminary in Rouen (Northern France). The superior of the seminary allowed him to learn carpentry, and he soon achieved the standards of a cabinetmaker. He also sketched ships in the local harbour.

He went to America for six years. During in the life in America, after taking American Citizenship, he was appointed the Chief Engineer of New York.

After coming back to UK, he met his wife Sophia. They've give a birth to three children (two girls and one boy). During the summer of 1799, he was introduced to Henry Maudslay, a talented engineer who had worked for Joseph Bramah. He recently started to his own business. However he went to the prison because he had too much debt in the bank. By the government granted his debt, so he was released from the prison.

In his life, making Thames Tunnel may be his turning point in his life because it made him popular and the life stable. Not also it was benefit to him. The traffic was more comfortable so the industry grew rapidly by more works and better traffic. By building the tunnel, the government agreed a loan of £246,000 to the Thames Tunnel Company. On 1841, he was knighted by the Queen Victoria.

However after building the tunnel, his health got bad rapidly. Though he isn't working, helping his son, his health wasn't good. So eight years after getting the knight, he died at the age of 80. Currently, he remains were interred in Kensal Green Cemetery in London.

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