Edgar Allen Poe

Mystery Man

At the age of two both of his parents had already died and was living with a foster family John and Frances Allan. He attended his first school the, "Manor House."  He moved schools frequently and at an early age he began to master the most complex latin works. Although life didn't come very easy to Poe. He was attending the University of Viginia at the time and soon John Allan didn't have enough to provide Poe to stay there. Poe soon started gambling which put him in $2000 debt. Poe angry at John, he left the house and moved into a house in the town, then soon enlisted in the army where he signed a 5 year contract. He ecxelled in the army, he had great discipline. leadership, and knowledge which got him all the way up to sergeant major in artillery.

He soon got tired of the army and with only 2 years done of the 5 year contract he begged to be let out and in March 1829 he was discharged from the army. Soon after in 1831 he was expelled from Westpoint. Later in 1836 he marries his 13 year old cousin Virginia Clemm at age 27... Although through all of this Poe still loved writing and never gave up on it. Throughout his life he was a gifted writer and it showed. He wrote amazing fiction horror stories and became famous for them. Some people say he was cra