Facebook for dummies

Hello my little dummy, today we are going to learn how to use Facebook.

What is it ?

Facebook is a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, on it, you can chat with other peoples, and have new friends. Facebook was created in 2004 for the students of Harvard who wanted to get to know each other. In 2006, it became accessible to anybody.

What can you do with it ?

You must be 13 to register on facebook.

This social network is there to connect friends and people, to make it possible to post photos and videos and also to chat with unknown persons.On facebook you can play online games too. It enables you to keep in touch with your friends.

How does it work ?

I decided to create an account. I have to give my name, date of birth, my email address, say if I work if I am a student, high school student, I choose a password. In three minutes, my personal page is created.

Now I can build my page. I choose very carefully the information I want to communicate. First step: I select the picture I want to use to introduce myself. Then I can fill my profile and submit forms.

There’s a long list of questions: my birthday, sexual orientation, my favourite series , my personal life…. after a few clicks the facebookers have the opportunity to know everything about me . All the information I provide will appear on my page . They will be visible to all my contacts but I’m not obliged to put a picture or fill my profile!

Now I want to find my friends:

To start creating my network I can choose to send an invitation to all my contacts from my email addresses. It’s not a good idea. I must be careful and select all the people I really want as friends

Now that I am registered , all the users can also search me . They only have to type my name in the search bar and they have access to my pictures, my list of friends.

It’s not difficult to learn things about me.

Don’t panic you can used parameters and filters to protect your data.

The “privacy” tab allows me to choose who has access to what information.

From the “profile” I can choose to restrict access to my pictures and messages. I can also create a blocked contacts list . That list will not have access to any information.

The "Search" allows me to control the information that appears when someone type my name into the search bar. So I can choose not to let my photo or my friends list.

Good to know: I can even decide not to be found by other people than my friends

How to stay safe on Facebook

Tips and Advice

  • Don't  use a weak password¨
  • You shouldn't enter your full birth date in your profile
  • You shouln't show your child's name in a legend
  • You shouldn't indicate where you are from
  • You shouldn't provide access to search engines
  • It's a bad idea to encourage young people to use Facebook
  • It's important to control who can see your information
  • Don't forget to report abusive or offensive comments
  • You should have a social life

What are the  risks?

One of the major risks associated with the use of Facebook also lies in the account hacking and data theft. The most common method is the so-called "phishing." It is to encourage the user to click on a link it to a fake login page to Facebook, the victim provides so unconsciously his data to a hacker. The message with the clickable link can sometimes come from a friend who himself suffered is hacked . The hacker can then have access to your personal data. Therefore, there also should be very careful when you receive a message that displays a clickable link even when you know the person you.

If you are not  careful on Facebook, your life could become like the life of this woman :

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