Piedmont Region

Piedmont Georgia

Georgia's Piedmont region is an ideal place to visit or move to. Piedmont has a mild climate, a large population of 4.5 million people, and many interesting tourist attractions. One of its major productions are cars and airplanes.

There are many tourist attractions in Piedmont. Some popular attractions are Zoo of Atlanta, Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Georgia Aquarium (which is the largest aquarium in the world), Atlanta, Augusta, The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Elberton (which is the granite capital of the world), and many other attractions.

Piedmont has a temperate climate. It has hot summers with mild winters. Along with the climate,there are many different physical features in Piedmont. There is the Chattahoochee River and Savannah River which leads to the Atlantic Ocean. The Fall Line is at the end of a plateau and it divides the Piedmont and Coastal Plaines regions. There are plateaus and hills.

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