Pool Shops business
by:Chase Moreland

Business Description

Would you like to visit my business?My business is called Pool Masters.I would make a Pool Shop so people can buy pools.plus they can have fun.I have this business so i could get lots of money.plus you don't get cold or hot.The pools have bottoms so no one sinks.Plus it is scary without a bottom.When you buy it we will make it for you.I created this business because at Saturn there is water and pools need water.To sum it up,it isthe best business ever.

Green   $2.00

Blue   $2.00

Red   $3.00

Pricing page

Big size $10.00

Medium size $5.00

Small size $1.00

Pricing page

Big size  $10.00

Medium size  $5.00

Small size  $1.00

Pricing page

Goggles  $1.00

Swimsuits  $4.00

Towels  $6.00

persuasive letter

142 Shooting Star Dr,


January 27,2015

Dear customers,

My business is the best.Therefore,you can look at a beautiful waterfall.It is very pretty.If you come to my business so you can get free towels.The towels can be any temperature you want it to be. If you come to my business you don't have to pay. you just have to walk straight ahead to the pools. To sum it up, it is a unique place.