Student Loans and their Emotional Toll on Young Adults.

Education is an expensive burden on young college students paying for it with loans and grants. The costs add up creating an issue later on.

A new study has found that a huge psychological burden on a majority of young adults is the debt they're in after graduating from college. Adults ranging from 25 to 31 years of age stress daily about financial matters due to debts accumulated throughout college. Part of the reason this is happening is because these loans follow you, they never subside, unless of course they're finally paid off. Student debt in the US is over one trillion, and it's the middle class post graduate suffering the most.

Reaction- This is a scary thought in my opinion, especially because I'm apart of the middle class. Students work hard throughout college to earn a degree and a high paying job is not guarenteed, especially right out of college. The mental and emotional as well as physical toll this plays upon these people is something to be considered and not over looked.

Psychological sense- The debts and loans leave adults feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and down causing many mental issues that can later be classified in the DSM.

-This is interesting because it'll effect myself and many of my classmates unless something changes or we can work on managing our emotions and stress levels before we leave college. It's relatable which inscreases in interest factor.

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