Famous Composers

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CheyeAnn Morse


  • Born December 16th 1770
  • Died March 26th 1827
  • He wrote an operas
  • He wrote 9 syphonies
  • He started to go deaf by 30 and was still known to be one of the best composers ever.
  • Beethoven was prolific, and in his lifetime he wrote a total of 9 symphonies, 7 concertos, 17 string quartets, 32 piano sonatas, and 10 sonatas for violin and piano.


  • Born Jan. 27th 1756
  • Died Dec. 5th, 1791
  • He was very good at Math


  • Born Feb 27th 1810
  • Died Oct 17th 1849
  • Chopin preferred to give private, more intimate concerts to smaller crowds of high class "socialites".
  • Chopin was able to charge lofty fees for private piano lessons. His tutorship was highly demanded.

Richard Wagner

  • Born May 22nd 1813
  • Died Feb 13th 1883
  • Besides himself, Wagner was passionate about Beethoven and his music.
  • Wagner has been described as a ruthless, racist, selfish

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