1st Period


My Rocken' Summer!

Hacking and Coding.

Summery{=I had a different summer from most other people id say but it was very eventful and I had lots of fun. I was always playing games and hacking in them. You could say that was my job and this is my part time job, what that is exactly? I liked coding my game and creating the animation in it. I made some cover art for it threw Photoshop Adobe and it was interesting. I finaly got my alien ware 18 and I was able to set a desk up.

* DAILY ACTIVITY{= Of course gaming was one of the items on my list of activitys and hacking it was always a must do. I animated so MUCH for my games and had to code in it for some proper functions. Not to mention some of the pictures I had to photoshop and make for cover art. I must say you really cant make a good game without animation so I did so much of this and I used maya, this is a $3000 bunch of software. I ALWAYS make sure my desk is clean and well maintained by running anti-malware and looking at the control panal.

* PLACE TO BE{=The country was were I wanted to be 24/7 it was like I was actually alive there. I was always so enthusiastic when I went hunting hoping that id catch a deer. and when I do catch one im gonna make deer jerky. That's what I said when I went hunting. I also went to ride horses, feed cows, kill boars, hunt for snipes, and see family.

* PERSON TO SEE{=There was no person I had to see but I wanted to go to minecon real bad and also A.con.
* MOVIE/TV SHOW{=The walking dead, I could watch this for hours and not be board of it and after season for it started driving me crazy because it left off in such an ending that left you in awe.Oh and Red vs Blue was a must see.
* MOMENT OVERALL{=When I got my aleinware, although its holding me back in typing because the keyboard is so huge and the computers in technology are so small and light. But this is also when I set my desk up and that was my best moment so far.

SONG{=  Blood gulch blues, no words can describe this awesome song except you would have to watch red vs blue.