The Moon's Importance

Juan Lopez 7th Hour 11-14-13

The Moon's Role

The Moon revolves around Earth about every 24 days, a “day” and a “year” on the moon are the same length. For this reason, the same side of the moon always faces Earth. As the moon revolves around Earth, the positions of the moon, Earth, and sun change. The changing relative positions of the moon, Earth, and sun cause the phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides. The moon is important because without it our existence would be distinguished because before the moon was here the Earth was just a sea of magma oceans.

The eight phases of the moon are important because the moon influences many aspects of nature. The moon affects the tides of the oceans, and it is believed that animals and humans are all affected by the phases of the moon. Some farmers even actually plan their farming on the days that the phases of the moon happens. The eight phases of the moon are the new moon which is when it is pitch black at night to where it seems like there is no moon, the full moon to where you see the whole moon because the sun is shining on it, the waxing gibbous to where the moon looks like that a chunk of it got thrown away, a waning gibbous which basically looks the same as a waxing gibbous, a waxing crescent to where the moon looks like a crescent, a waning crescent to where the moon looks like a crescent again, a first quarter to where you only see half of the moon, and finally a third quarter to where you see half of the moon again.

Tides are the rising and falling of the sea due to the attraction of the moon and sun. Tides are important to us because tides can affect fish patterns and ensure that marine traffic have safe depth for a safe passage. For example, when the tides rush in, the smaller fish typical rush in causing bigger fish to follow. That's why fishing is ideal with rushing tides. Tides occur because the moon's gravitational force attracts the tides to be high tides or low tides.

The Solar and Lunar eclipses happen when well the Solar eclipse happens when the moon is directly in between the Earth and the Sun. The Lunar eclipse happens when the moon is directly in Earth's umbra when is directly in Earth's shadow. Eclipses are important because without the moon our existence would have vanished.

In conclusion the moon is important because it helps us survive because without the moon there are no eclipses, tides, nor phases. Without the moon the world will go back to being filled with volcanoes and magma oceans with chaos and there would be no existence of our species. This is why the moon is so important because without it we would already be gone.

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