Lesson 8 School Life - Unit 2

Unit 2 out of 4.


  1. Be familiar with L8D1 vocabulary.
  2. Clarify any questions on the grammar from L8D1.
  3. Write a simple diary entry for the main characters in the textbook.
  4. Cultural comparison: share your observation on Chinese school life with Google Slide.


In this lesson you will apply the vocabulary and grammar (22 phrases and 7 grammar points) from Lesson 8 Dialogue 1 to come up with a diary entry for the main characters in the Integrated Chinese textbook.

At-Home Lessons and Activities

  • Watch a short video on L8D1 grammar #2 and #3. Complete the workbook p.133 B after watching this video clip.

         Grading Rubric:

  • 5 points - for complete homework on due date
  • 3 points - for incomplete homework
  • 0 points - for not turning in your homework
  • Research on different aspects of school life in China: You are assigned to research on ONE topic from the list below. Please submit a picture showing your topic along with a short explanation or thoughts.

         Grading Rubric:

  • 5 points - for a response with picture(s) along and explanation or thoughts
  • 3 points - for an incomplete response
  • 0 points - for a blank response


0. 下课(xìa kè)-- 曾老师

1. 升旗 (shēng qí)

2. 制服 (zhì fú)

3. 教室 (jìao shì)

4. 上课 (shàng kè)

5. 宿舍 (sù shè)

6. 食堂 (shí táng)

7. 午休 (wǔ xīu)

8. 午餐(wǔ cān)

9. 夜自习(yè zì xī) & 早自习

10. 扫除(sǎo chú)

11. 体育课(tǐ yù kè)

12. 考试 (kǎo shì) & 高考 (gāo kǎo)


  • Integrated Chinese Integrated Chinese: Simplified Characters Textbook, Level 1, Part 1


"BBC - Life in Chinese Schools - Episode 2, Part 2 of 6 video is posted by Anthony Starfield and embedded as permitted by YouTube's Terms of Service

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