Freak The Mighty and King Arthur
By: Jackson and Will


In the story a boy named Max meets a boy named Kevin who they all call Freak and he has moroquio syndrome. Freak is very smart and Max is dumb but when they go on a quest they find a purse that belongs to a woman named Loretta Lee and her husband Iggy. Loretta and Iggy were good friends with Killer Kane Max's father who is in jail. The mood of this book was sad because of Freak's syndrome and how he doesn't live as long. Also it's sad because they don't fit in and Max was not smart.


King Arthur was a British man who pulled out the sword called Excalibur from a stone. Some say his father was king so then that made him king but some say he pulled a sword out of a stone and became the king. He fell in love with Queen Guinevere. She then had an affair with Sir Lancelot. King Arthur eventually died in a battle. We talked about King Arthur because Freak and Max always going on ''quests'' like King Arthur and The Nights of the Round Table.

Knights Of The Round Table

The nights of the round table were brave and courtesy nights that protected ladies and damsels. The round table was round because they wanted everyone to feel equal and the same. Sir Lancelot was the greatest of the round table because he was the champion of fighting. Sir Lancelot once had a love affair with Queen Guinevere. We talked about the nights of the round table because Freak and Max where always together and going on quests and helping each other.

Moroquio Syndrome

Morquio Syndrome is an inherited disease of metabolism. Abnormal development of bones, including spine. Bell shaped chest with ribs flared out of the bottom. Coarse facial features. Hypermobile joints. knock knees. large head. short stature. widely spaced teeth. If both parents carry the defective gene related to this condition each of their children have a 25% chance of the disease. There's not a specific treatment. In the long run it may cause paralysis. 1 In 200,000 are diagnosed when born. Moroquio syndrome is related to the book because Freak has that disease.  

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Bionics is the replacement or enhancement of organs or the other body parts by mechanical versions. The word biomimicry comes from the German word (Bionik). Some examples of how studying nature and living organisms benefit humans by letting us find new things. Prosthesis is an artificial body part that can improve your life by making you feel normal if you have lost a limb. Bionics relate to the book because Freak talks about getting a whole new body during the story.


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