Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare.

Powers, Weapons, and Responsibilities

Goddess Athena was a very powerful woman. Her weapon is the aegis, a snake-fringed shield that drives people mad with terror. Shes an armed warrior goddess and appears in many Greek mythology as a helper of many heroes.

Goddess Athena and Olive tree

Athenas symbols are the Olive Tree, she won patronage of Athens through her gift of the olive branch which grew into a towering tree to feed and shelter the city. Her other symbol is the Owl, if you look closely in pictures of her, there is always an owl following her, they represent each other.

Athena was often confused with the Roman goddess, Minerva. who shared similar attributes but appeared to be an Etruscan as opposed to Greek import.


Daughter of Zeus. Sister of many. Athena has a huge family, some members still remain unknown.

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