Mini Lesson: Point Of View

How We Understand Characters in a Story

1) Essential Question:

How does point of view help us understand characters in the stories we read?

2) Objectives:

Students will be able to differentiate between various points of view.

3) Mini-Lesson Activities:

During class time we will read The Whipping Boy, a Newbery-medal winning children's book by Sid Fleischman. Upon finishing a chapter, we will have a brief recap on various points of view. Afterwards, students will read an excerpt from the story and, in small groups, discuss the questions: "Which point(s) of view is(are) used in The Whipping Boy?" and  "How does the Prince's point of view and the Whipping Boy's point of view affect the way we understand this particular scene in the story?" Lastly, each group will use markers and poster paper to create two point of view webs: one for the Prince and one for the Whipping Boy. In the webs, they will draw pictures and use synonyms to describe the way in which each character's point of view impacted their understanding of the story.

4) Materials:

The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman, poster paper, markers, scratch paper and pencil for brainstorming.  


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