ecosystem portfolio


biotic factors

banana tree , jaguar, ocolote , ape , bearded dragon , basilisk , andaconda .


soil, water, clouds, air, heat , light

carrying capacity

carrying capacity is how much a ecosystem can support and hold the food these animals eat are various depending on what kind of animal the are some eat plants and then the others eat animals them selves sometimes alive others dead . The animals in the rain forest would have to change there diets to survive and eat both animils and plants .

limiting factors

The limiting factors in this ecosystem are the animals them selves they kill each other for food but there are the animals that eat the plants but if the plants die then go the producers and after that the rest would slowly die off horribly from starving the worst way to go if you ask me but those are all the limiting for the tropical rain forest

Banana plant (producer) howler monkey (consumer)(omnivore) jaguar (carnivore) (consumer)

the food web is more realistic then the food chain because the food web shows every thing that eats what not just the main consumers and producer instead it shows all the  insects that eat each other .

the reason behind the pyramid  is to show the levels the energy climbs from the producer up to the top consumer . the producers are on the bottom because they dont eat anything

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