Smart Ways to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool This Summer, Naturally

The heat is so great this summer that it simply gets difficult to trick your mind into thinking otherwise. So what people are doing this summer is tricking the weather with unique techniques that are completely natural and more importantly – doing it is fun! So are you ready for fun and some respite from the summer heat?

  • The Right Way To Vent Your Rooms

The science behind ventilation is that it lets hot air move out and replace it with cool air, but if the air outside is hotter than that what’s inside your rooms. You will find that opening the windows during the day will introduce cool air and opening up the ventilation at night will cool your room.

  • Move Closer To Open Spaces Near The Windows

Can’t tolerate the heat while working? Well keeping the A/C and fans running can keep only so much cool. Instead of depending entirely on electronics to keep you cool, move closer to open spaces like windows and verandahs where the air can keep you cool. If you need to work on your laptop, configure wireless network on your computer and carry it wherever you wish.

  • Plant Trees Strategically To Shield Your Windows

The windows in your home add to over 40% of the heat and that keeps adding throughout the day making your home hotter. You can plant shady trees strategically along the periphery of your home so that they cast shadows on the windows, shielding you significantly from the sun.

  • Eat Hot To Stay Cool!

Yeah, it works like a charm – and two entire continents stand testimony to this. People in India and South America have been eating spicy hot food because it helps the body perspire better and get cooler faster. You don’t suddenly need to start eating spicy but you can eat simple spices, especially pepper in your food. You can also plant your own peppers in your garden.

  • Creating a Cool Alcove To Hill Out In The Noon

Buy Designer flower pots and outdoor as well as indoor planters and design a pretty garden around you. If you don’t have open space, you can always make use of indoor planters and pots and get creative. There are tons of literatures online where you will have all the necessary information to start your own garden in just a few steps.

  • Spritz Yourself And Stay Hydrated

When water evaporates it cools your skin and makes you feel cooler. If eating all the spices hasn’t help you perspire and stay cool, try spritzing yourself every time you start feeling very hot. But spraying brings a temporary cooling effect, you need consistent cooling and for that you must stay hydrated.

Either planting trees in Designer flower pots in your garden or staying hydrated there are many thing you can do to stay cool naturally. Read on to find out.