Smarter than the Average Phone

The Invention of the Smartphone

The invention of the smartphone has incredibly changed people's lives!

People can now virtually do anything from anywhere with the smartphone. . It saves time and makes daily tasks a lot easier.They do not need to wait until they get to a computer to access the Internet or any Internet-based programs. They can snap pictures anytime without needing to remember to bring a camera. They can stay connected with friends, family, businesses, etc. with the click of a button.

The smartphone has evolved quickly and continues to change and improve at a rapid pace.

1992- Simon from IBM –had calendar, address book, notepad

1997- First handheld- Penelope from Ericsson

2000- First to be sold as smartphone- R380 from Ericsson

2002- More smartphones including the Blackberry with full keyboard

2007- Apple iPhone with more than 200,000 apps

2008-Android devices

Who knows what's next?

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