Wine Making 1.0 with
Nick & Carowine

You can't buy happiness... but you can make wine!  
(and that's kind of the same thing)

Step 1:
Open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass
Read the Wine Making instructions
*take a sip of your wine*
Sanitize your equipment!
Start by adding a gallon of water to your primary fermenting vessel --> add bentonite to the water and stir well --> now add your juice to the fermenter (should have a  nice fruity aroma to it!) --> Top up to 6 gallons with clean water --> Stir well!  This is an important step to get an accurate reading with your hydrometer.  Use your hydrometer to get your first reading, to measure the amount of sugar in the liquid. The reading should be between 1.080-1.090 to produce a wine between 10-12% alcohol. *take a much needed sip of your wine!*
Next step, add your yeast by sprinkling it on top of your juice.  No need to stir, it will take care of itself and turn the sugar in the juice to alcohol!
Seal your bucket with the airlock and let the yeast begin the fermentation process!
*finish your wine*

The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.

Step 2: Day 6 - after we've added yeast.
Open bucket and you should see a chance in the color and smell the co2 gas.  
Get a reading with your hydrometer - it should be 1.010 or below.
If your reading is correct, sanitize your secondary fermenter and transfer the wine to the secondary fermenter (carboy) using an auto siphon

Wine improves with age... I improve with wine.

Step 3: 10 days later
This is called the stabilizing step!
Check specific gravity again -- make sure the measurement reads at .996.
Add your stabilizing agents and stir the carboy for two minutes to de-gas the wine.

I cook with wine.  Sometimes I even add it to the food.

Step 4: 14 days later
You are ready to bottle our wine!
Use your auto siphon and bottle filler to fill your clean bottles.  Cork your bottles and have fun designing a personalized wine label as your final step!

The great thing about wine is everything.

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3 years ago

This looks so fun! I've tried making flavor infused vodka before but never wine! Definitely adding this to my 2015 bucket list.

3 years ago

It's a really fun project! It makes you appreciate the great wine you drink and it's nice to understand the process. Have fun!

3 years ago

What a great Tackk—looks like you and Nick had a good time doing it! I still gotta try the stuff!