Digital Citizenship

Do you ever stop typing all of a sudden and think, why do I have to use good digital citizenship? The first reason why is you might put something you regret, but now you can’t take it off and that might cause you trouble that is one thing a good citizen never does.  Second reason is that whatever bad thing you say or post can affect your career and when you try to get a job. Third reason is that you have to use it to also be safe, you never know who you might really be talking to. You never know if a person your own age or a person older than you might be talking to you. The fourth reason to be a good digital citizen is you should never reply to someone who wants your personal information that can ruin your account. The fifth reason is to use good digital citizen you make sure to always check your self, because you want to know what you posted and ask your self if it is appropriate. Finally these are some reason on why you should use good digital citizenship.

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