By: Natalia Jones

"Darfur Conflict." Darfur Conflict. Thomas Reuters Foundation, 31 July 2014. Web. 05 May 2015.


In 1989, General Omar Bashir took control of Sudan by military coup,
which lead to The National Islamic Front government to instigate
regional tensions. Struggling with political power, weapons poured
into Darfur and conflicts increased. In 2003, two rebel groups known
as the Sudan Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement
rose against the government. Accusing them of the marginalization of
the area and the failure to protect people from attacks by nomads. The
government of Sudan responded by unleashing Arab Militias known as the
Janjaweed. The government was accused of arming Arab tribes who are
using scotched-earth tactics on rebel communities. In 2009, The
International Criminal Court issues an arrest on Omar Bashir for war
crimes and crimes against humanity. The charge was dismissed, but a
second arrest was issued later in 2010 for charges of genocide. The
International Crisis Group believes that removal of so many people is
a government policy of ethnic cleansing in order to decrease the
support of rebel movements. Since 2003 it is estimated that 300,000
have been killed and nearly 2.5 million people have been displaced due
to the increasing violence in Darfur.

Who are the main opponents?
The main opponents in this conflict is the Sudan government. Omar
Bashir is allowing the Janjaweed to attack on rebel communities in
order to reduce the rebel movements and instill fear within their

Any other countries involved or concerned?
Back in 2003 when the conflict just started it spilled over into
neighboring countries of Chad and African Republic. In 2010, because
communities and towns were destroyed some have set up camps around
Darfur and Chad.

How is this conflict being conducted ?

The Sudan government is having their militias use scorched-earth
tactics to destroy rebel communities. The International Crisis Group
says that the government is using these tactics as a policy of ethnic
cleansing of rebel groups so that there are no threats against the

What was the cause of the conflict?

As far as I can tell the cause of this was when Omar Bashir overtook
the government. Under his ruling, the marginalization of the area and
the lack of protection on his people drew the attention of rebel

What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently?

Currently there are no efforts being taken to resolve these issues
non-violently. Still today people of Darfur continue to suffer. It was
estimated that 2.7 million people are in displaced person camps and
4.7 million people rely on humanitarian aid. In order to resolve this
conflict, both party leaders must meet to negotiate next steps to
solve the problem at hand.

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