Romeo & Juliet: A Tragedy

Act I, Friar Lawrence, Jewoo Han. Little birds chirp in my ear, the word of news is hard to avoid in the ever echoing walls of Verona. Tonight is the night where torches will be held high, song will be heard, and wine will be drunk. The Capulets are hosting a feast to allow the ever yet young and beautiful lady Juliet to be wooed by those deemed worthy of the guest list. Under the facade of fun and joy lies the true intentions of those sly Capulet's, but who am I to judge as but a mild priest. The birds chirp once more at evening time, as I am cultivating the Dandelion plants to make a bitter but tasty salad meal I hear the birds once more. They bear news of a couple of Montague boys and that child with the blood of a royal are going to disguise themselves as guest's to infiltrate and have some covert fun. Ah the young years, so bold and full of light and energy to spare, I suppose truly that my bones are getting weaker when such nubile acts of pleasure simply annoy me. I will go back to my cell and rest now, but I smell trouble stirring up in the air, the two families must not intersect for peace to retain in Verona.

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